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Wednesday, November 11th 2009

How to Wear Fall’s Dramatic Vests

Have you noticed all the leather, feather, and faux fur vests around town lately? Bill Cunningham has. This week he paid homage to them in his NYT street style video feature. As my beloved Bill points out (in his characteristically enchanted-yet-baffled running commentary), not only are dramatic vests the soul of edgy-boho, erstwhile-girlfriend-of-a-Rolling-Stone-circa-1973 style, they’re also a surprisingly practical alternative to the more expected coat. You game? Me too.

Taking my styling cues from the lucky ladies Bill singled out with his lens, I’m layering Rebecca Taylor’s faux fur vest over a sweet print dress, and pairing a big, blanket-y, knit shawl-style piece (the one above is from Shopbop newcomer Falls knitwear) with a jersey maxi dress and loads of jewelry for a sort of haute elementary school art teacher look.

And for the ultimate in nouveau Anita Pallenberg style, I turn to this major Mongolian lambswool number (above left) from Haute Hippie. An investment? Sure. But a justified one in my book. Just imagine what a signature piece like this could do for otherwise pedestrian basics (Sale leggings? I’m talking to you.), or what a worthy partner it make for a silk jumpsuit.


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