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Monday, May 10th 2010

How to Wear Shorts: Style Insight from Carey from Corks and Caftans

The shorts-wearing season is upon us, and since I’m not altogether inclined to wear cropped pants, much less shorts, I turned to Shopbop pal and shorts aficionado Carey from wine-and-fashion-centric blog Corks and Caftans. She offers some styling tips as well as five compelling arguments that have me thinking about joining the pro-shorts camp.

Amie: In addition to your love of caftans, you seem to have a soft spot for shorts. Care to ruminate on why?
Carey: Comfort. As a Florida native, I consider myself somewhat of a MacGyver when it comes to beating the heat. Throw in years of dress codes barring me from wearing them, and you could say I never looked back. There’s something rebellious about them—unselfconscious, casual, and easy. Plus, they’re the shorter, sexier little sister to jeans, the original Renaissance man. Brunch? A music festival? Croquet, anyone? Versatile and summer heat-friendly. But like caftans, shorts can definitely go horribly wrong. What can I say—I’m a risk taker.

A: On your blog, I’ve seen you wear shorts with tall socks, with a blazer, with a fringed vest—you even wear shorts when it’s not so warm (exhibits A and B). What’s your favorite way to wear them right now?
C: With boots—it’s a little less predictable. I love wearing my equestrian-style Golden Goose boots with a pair of cutoffs and a summery sweater, fringed boots with silk shorts, or L.L. Bean duck boots and a striped bateau tee—classic American girl. (P.S. I rarely go shorter than a 3-inch inseam as a rule.)

A: I’m a person who, given the choice between a skirt, a dress, or shorts, will always the pick the skirt or dress when the weather turns warm. Can you give me five (to throw out an arbitrary number) reasons why I should change my ways?
C: 1. The easiest way to rock the borrowed masculine vibe this summer. 2. Kate Moss at Glastonbury. Enough said. 3. Channel Hannah MacGibbon and the uncomplicated, feminine approach of her spring 2009 collection for Chloé. 4. You never know when you might walk over an active sidewalk vent. 5. Shorts are totally carefree—just like summer.

A: Any particular pair you’re itching to add to your shorts collection?
C: The Monrow sweatshorts are so genius, like vintage Americana.


P.S. Check out our Q&A with Carey from last fall for more insight into her East Coast bohemian style. Then recreate her look with a plaid button-down, an Alexander Wang tee, denim shorts, and a statement necklace.

Pictured: Carey from Corks and Caftans wearing her husband’s plaid shirt, True Religion shorts, and duck boots. Photo courtesy of Corks and Caftans.

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