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Friday, October 31st 2008

how we wear it: frye boots

Carly is our Web Content Specialist whose office nickname is “Coachella.” Translation: She is the final link in our creative chain who acts like the producer of our site, and her fashion sense is reflective of a certain California desert music festival. As someone who does just fine with prescribed fashion (buy the pumps that exactly match the clutch), I’ve always been envious of that mix-it-up cool look girls like Carly are able to casually throw together and somehow, as Tim Gunn would say, “make it work.”

Today, Carly wears a vintage DVF plaid blouse she found at a thrift store on her lunch break, black sparkling Superfine skinnies, an “older than she cares to admit” Foley + Corinna City Tote, her trademark lip ring, and the pièce de résistance: Frye Engineer Boots in Gaucho Tan.

You know how you get an idea of what someone is like by her clothes? I said to myself: “Carly’s the kind of chick who would give me a ride home from work— on the back of her motorcycle.”

Carly: Nice! I’m completely flattered by that.

SS: How would you describe your signature style?

CN: Always comfort, but always different. I don’t think I’ve ever worn the exact same outfit twice. I’m like mix-and-match moody. I don’t have a process; I try not to over-think it. I like a lot of menswear-inspired looks like vests with boots.

SS: My best friend is a handbag girl; I’m more of a shoe girl. Do you have one accessory that defines you?

CN: The most heartfelt item for me would be boots. I used to work the counter of a vintage clothing store years ago when I was in college and that’s when I totally fell in love with these vintage railroad T-shirts. He (the owner) found a stockpile of these new/old tees: tees made back in the day but never worn with pictures of old railway cars on them. And then he had all these awesome cowboy boots and I started wearing those together.

SS: If you could take a fashion time traveling trip to any era, which would it be?

CN: I would definitely have to go back to my mom’s era which was early ‘70s. The high-waisted bell-bottoms, the form-fitting T-shirt, the long hair— that’s what I love. I feel like they didn’t try as hard as we try right now, which I’m sure goes along with my idealistic view of the early ‘70s flower child. It just seems so effortless when I see old pictures of my mom.

SS: On to your Fryes. Typically when fashion blogs mention an “edgy boot,” visions of a dominatrix Givenchy strap-up-the-leg stiletto dance in my head. But to me, the Frye boots are also edgy because they are so masculine tough—their website even describes the distressed finish as “bruised.” How does it feel to wear them? Empowering? Sexy?

CN: Yeah, I would say even more than all the other boots that I have! Fryes are going to last forever and they go along with the rugged look that I like. Not too dainty, I don’t like dainty. Have you felt how heavy the soles are? These are a serious, ass-kicking boot. I love that.

Comment away ladies: How do you rock your Frye (or other fave) boots?

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