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Wednesday, October 1st 2008

If I were stranded on a fashion-forward island

If I were stranded on an island (granted, this island could be Manhattan, and I’d hope it was happening and not deserted) which designers would I most want there with me?

One of my best friends from back home in Iowa recently told me she hadn’t donned a dress since her wedding day 6 years ago! My response was a gravely concerned “Oh, my.”

I couldn’t really relate since I’m the sort of girly girl who conspires to invent new occasions/excuses specifically for dress-wearing. This may explain the magnetic attraction between me and Rebecca Taylor’s supremely feminine aesthetic. I’m a big fan of a subtle come-closer sexiness, and Rebecca is all about the nuanced details whether it’s simply an arresting color exalting a luxurious silk, delicate chiffon flower petals embellishing a cami, or a soft leopard print on an even softer cashmere cardigan. Currently, I’m smitten with this flirty berry dress (pictured above) and its flounce hem that’s sure to turn a few heads my way.


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