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Tuesday, October 28th 2008

In the Press: Bop Basics Burnouts


One of The Huffington Post’s fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Michele Wissot, posted a video featuring our Bop Basics burnouts (and the shopbop buyers who conceived of this hugely popular in-house brand, Erin and Alana), posing the question: is it edgy-cool or a tad trashy to wear just a bra under a sheer tee? Watch what a random sampling of New Yorkers (both male and female) had to say on this burning topic.

Personally, I’m with Alana and Erin on this one: I’ve always thought it looked cute and unexpected to wear a bright or black bra under something sheer. I do have a couple rules I adhere to regarding this look, however. I generally save it for evening, and definitely for times when I run no risk of bumping into my mom, who would take one look at me and wordlessly hand off her cardigan.

But we want to know what you think. Tell us ladies, how do you wear your sheer tops?


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