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Tuesday, September 20th 2011

Inside Antipodium: Talking with Creative Director Geoffrey J. Finch

Antipodium Creative Director Geoffrey J. Finch on set at the fall 2011 lookbook shoot.

Geoffrey J. Finch, the bespectacled Aussie-born brains behind London-based Antipodium clothing, has a tongue-in-chic approach to design, creating fashion that is witty and unapologetically seductive. We talked with Finch about the Antipodium fall 2011 collection and the essence of the brand.

Shopbop: Tell us a little about the autumn/winter 2011 collection.
Geoffrey J. Finch: Goodbye Horses is all about the dark thrill of a big night sky: the sexy freedom of hitting the road and the romance of the unknown.

SB: Antipodium is a London-based brand, and you grew up in Australia. What was it that drew you to the American West for the A/W 2011 collection?
GF: Queensland, where I grew up, is a bit like the Texas of Australia. My family are farmers and very into horses, so I was surrounded by a lot of Western influences: rodeos, big hats, cowboy shirts, country music, and monstrous trucks. In all my collections, I end up referencing my childhood in some way (there’s a pragmatism in the country that I really like to play with), and this season I mixed it with hints of Richard Prince and a nod to JT LeRoy’s Sarah. I also have a genius friend from Dallas who provides no end of inspiration!

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