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Tuesday, June 14th 2011

Inside Zinke Lingerie: A Conversation with the Designer

The latest collection from Zinke, in the brand’s showroom.

From a young age, sisters Arin Robinson and Jessie Zinke dreamed of designing a label together, and in 2009, that dream became reality with the launch of Zinke lingerie. An indie label that challenges conventional thought surrounding intimates, the pieces are meant to be seen—peeking out from under an oversized tank or a sheer chiffon blouse. We talked with Jessie about the label and her design process, and she was kind enough to give us a little tour of her studio.

Shopbop: Why lingerie?
Jessie Zinke: I wanted to create an intimates collection that offered fashionable versatility. Lingerie is an important investment because it’s the foundation of every girl’s wardrobe. Today, the peek-a-boo and innerwear-as-outerwear trends have turned lingerie into an accessory.

Designer Jessie Zinke in the Zinke studio.

SB: Where do you find your inspiration?
JZ: I find inspiration through music, art, architecture, and street style. I love walking around the streets of New York, seeing what people are wearing. There’s no shortage of inspiration here. I’m always amazed by the creativity.

SB: Describe your design process.
JZ: I don’t always do things in a particular order, but I almost always start out with choosing a theme and the colors of the collection before anything else. Sometimes the theme inspires the colors and sometimes the colors inspire the theme. Color is such a big part of what Zinke is, and the colors usually shape the direction of the collection. From there, I proceed with choosing fabrics and sketching designs—not always in that order though.

Zinke studio workspace.

SB: Album currently on repeat in your studio?
JZ: I’ve been listening to Broken Bells and Holy Ghost! a lot lately, but Ghostland Observatory is always my go-to album.

SB: What are you working on now?
JZ: Right now I’m working on our very first swim collection. It’s going to include swimsuits and cover-ups in bright colors and graphic prints.

Zinke studio inspiration board.
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