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Wednesday, December 21st 2011

Introducing Cast of Vices: Accessories with a Dark Side

Photos from the Cast of Vices work studio in California.

When our Rome falls, our vices will be our remains: cigarette butts, bottle caps, shopping bags. It’s a bleak outlook that is juxtaposed with beautiful design in Cast of Vices. Launched by Christopher Glancy and Jay LeCompte, Cast of Vices jewelry and accessories cast a critical eye on modern culture. We spoke with the duo about their line.

Shopbop: Cast of Vices showcases the dark elements of human culture. What inspired this design aesthetic?
Christopher Glancy & Jay LeCompte: Our collection began with prescription pills, an object which has permeated our modern ethos, altered the face of society, and created an escape from reality. What better inspiration could you ask for in art or fashion? Escapism and fashion have been bedfellows since the beginning, and these objects best symbolize that connection.

SB: The amount of detail in your designs is amazing. How are your pieces made?
CG & JL: We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and our ability to balance form and function. Each jewelry design is sculpted by hand. The process begins with a wax model, and through an elaborate process of molds and lost wax, a raw silver piece is rendered and then hand finished, making each piece unique and slightly different.

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