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Thursday, October 27th 2011

Introducing Kelly Bergin

Drawing from an uncomplicated but innovative point of view, Kelly Bergin launched her eponymous collection in spring 2010, and she was quickly called out by WWD as “one to watch.” Bergin blends classic shapes and modern details into inventive wardrobe staples, an aesthetic that is largely influenced by her relaxed California upbringing. We talked with the designer about her start and her collection.

Shopbop: What made you decide to go into design and how did you get your start?
Kelly Bergin: I have been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember. I’ve followed certain designers’ careers over the years and have always appreciated the combination of creativity and business skill that the job entails. I signed up for a fashion design course on a whim, and after my first class, enrolled at FIDM in LA. After I graduated, I designed a small line of dresses, which I took to a few boutiques in New York and LA. When they were well-received, I decided to expand to a full range, which launched in spring 2010.

SB: How would you describe your line? Who are you designing for?
KB: The design of the line skews toward clean lines and classic shapes while incorporating modern details. While there is a lot of attention to detail and fabrication, it’s really important that the clothes aren’t too precious or complicated. The idea is that it simplifies dressing for a woman who wants to look great, but doesn’t want to spend forever putting together the perfect outfit. Ease and function are always the focus.

SB: Tell us about the fall collection. What was the inspiration? Your favorite piece?
KB: I wanted to experiment with rich texture for fall. We incorporated long-hair alpaca, textured leather, and a variety of knits into the mix, which resulted in a really tactile, luxe collection that is still very wearable. It’s hard to pick one favorite piece, but I particularly love the Textured Leather Pencil Skirt and bronze knit Chainmail Pullover. I love to dress in layers, and creating perfect layering pieces is always a consideration when designing a collection. I think we were successful with that this season.

SB: Looking ahead to spring, what can we expect to see?
KB: The spring collection is a modern interpretation of classic American summer style. There are athletic influences combined with more relaxed feminine pieces. It was a nice departure from the more structured pieces we did for fall.

Shop Kelly Bergin fall 2011.

Photo by Glynnis McDaris.

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