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Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

Introducing Magda Berliner: A New Take on Vintage Lace

Launched in Los Angeles in 2004, the Magda Berliner Vintage Collection is rooted in the designer’s fondness for Victorian-era finery. Each piece is hand-assembled using vintage lace, making the dresses and skirts truly one-of-a-kind. We spoke with Magda Berliner about this modern-meets-romantic collection.

SHOPBOP: Tell us about the Magda Berliner Vintage Collection.
MAGDA BERLINER: This segment of my main collection, Magda Berliner, began about eight years ago, and it’s become integral to my identity as a designer. When I launched Magda Berliner in 2001, I promoted using vintage fabrics, and the Vintage Collection is an extension of that ethos, while maintaining the romance and femininity of the brand.

SB: Each dress is hand assembled using vintage lace. What inspired you to take this direction?
MB: Like many, I have a soft spot for Victorian-era cottons, and I had accumulated some edgings—ribbons and bits of vintage lace and crochet. Bored and inspired one evening, I started piecing together the bits on my dress form, and voila! After years of doing this hand assembling, I have an eye for what the garment will become, and I welcome the challenge of building new designs each season.


SB: Can you tell us a little more about how you source the lace you use? Who sews the pieces?
MB: Visiting flea markets and shows for years, I have befriended many collectors and dealers who keep me in steady supply. I have the same seamstress for the ready-to-wear collection sew the vintage pieces as well.

SB: How does your location, Los Angeles, influence your design?
MB: The climate does influence my work. We are quite lucky to have fair weather most of the year, and the lace works well for that lifestyle. I must confess, a little bohemian vibe has rubbed off on me after all this time in the Canyon.

SB: Who is the woman you’re designing for?
MB: She is independent. She knows her own style and wears it well.

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