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Thursday, August 18th 2011

Introducing Monrow Classic, Now at Shopbop

Launched by Megan George and Michelle Wenke in 2007 as a basics collection, Monrow clothing soon branched out into a complete line of fashion apparel. This season, the designers have returned to their roots with Monrow Classic, a revival of their original tissue tees and fleece loungewear. We talked with Megan and Michelle about the collection.

Shopbop: You launched Monrow in 2007 as a basics label, and this summer, you’ve returned to those roots. Tell us a bit about what inspired this decision.
Megan George & Michelle Wenke: We have always felt super passionate about our basic styles, which we are now calling “Classic.” We believe the fit, fabric, and colors are special and unlike everything else in the market. Basics are such a large part of our everyday wardrobe staples, and we felt they just weren’t getting the recognition they truly deserved. So we thought, what if we presented them differently and made more of a statement? Since we started, we have already exceeded all of our expectations, and this is just the beginning. We are most excited because we are offering our Monrow Classics in sixteen beautiful colors, and they ship every two weeks. This is pretty unique, as most companies do not offer this sort of shipping window. It’s also nice for stores and customers, as they have so many options and flexibility. They can really create their own color stories based on what they are looking for. It’s a choose your own adventure of tees and fleece.

SB: What drew you to basics in 2007, and what is important about them now?
MG & MW: Our basics have a classic, vintage look, yet still remain sophisticated and chic. They are clean and unfussy, so you can merchandise and wear them with anything and not feel like you’re a walking advertisement. They are simply classic. The tissue cotton we use puts our T-shirts in a league of their own. You really have to wear them to truly appreciate them. We can guarantee that once you try a tissue V-neck or crew tee, the love affair begins. In addition, our fleece is truly the nicest in the market. It has the hand and drape of luxe cashmere.

SB: What kind of color palette did you work with for this collection?
MG & MW: Pretty much everything from the color wheel, so you can choose your own color palette and it’s sure to work. But, we did go back and choose our best colors from the last few seasons—these are tried and true. We plan to add new colors seasonally as well.

SB: If you had to pick just one piece as a favorite, which would it be? In which color?
MG & MW: The basic tissue tee in white and neon orchid and our vintage sweats in heather grey. We would literally cry if we didn't have them anymore. We still wear our white tissue crews from our first season. We are both actually wearing the tee now, and they still look the same as when we first made them.

SB: Will you continue to incorporate trend pieces into your label?
MG & MW: Absolutely, fashion is a huge part of Monrow. We have eleven deliveries a year and always offer cool trend-driven styles, in addition to our classics. Our prints are also a huge part of our collection. We use a very unique printing process: it’s done on our tissue tees after the garment has been made, so it has that cool, modern-vintage look that is the vibe of Monrow.

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