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Monday, January 24th 2011

Introducing Pencey Standard: We Talk with Designer Christina Minasian

Shot by Greg Minasian/SPREADHouse

Meet Pencey Standard. An offshoot of downtown cool-girl staple Pencey, Pencey Standard aims to be the go-to collection of wardrobe basics. We talked with the brand’s designer, Christina Minasian, about this new addition to the Pencey family.
Shopbop: What is Pencey Standard and how does it fit into the Pencey clothing brand?
Christina Minasian: Pencey Standard is a collection based on tee shirts, but it encompasses so much more. We have dresses, skirts, pants, and tops. The idea of the collection is to provide simple, classic layering pieces that fit into any wardrobe. The styles are timeless and can be worn through different seasons.

SB: How do you see Pencey Standard growing within the Pencey brand?
CM: The line will develop and change but still remain true to its core purpose of always having the perfect t-shirt. Small details will set it apart, just like Pencey.

SB: The color palette is essentially colorless—white, black, and grey. Why did you take this approach?
CM: For our introduction, we wanted Pencey Standard to be classic and clean, and have the versatility to layer with anything all year long.

SB: What is your favorite piece from the collection? How do you wear it?
CM: My two favorite pieces are the Football Tank and Football Crew. I love that the cut is sexy, but still oversized and a bit masculine. They are great paired with your favorite jeans.

SB: Who should wear Pencey Standard?
CM: Everyone!

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