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Friday, June 19th 2009

It’s a Fashion Press Love-Fest for Andrea Lieberman’s New Line


All the stylists I’ve met seem to have the inborn ability to pick the best pieces of the season, and beyond that, put them together in a way that’s totally unexpected yet makes complete sense. (I’ve come to think of it as “stylist voodoo.”) That’s why I’m always especially excited when one of their tribe launches a line of her own, and even more so when said stylist has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, and Shirley Manson, as is the case with A.L.C. designer Andrea Lieberman.

Guided by the principle that women should own clothes they love enough to wear again and again, Lieberman has created a collection of sophisticated styles in her own unique vocabulary. Think easy-to-wear pieces, but not pedestrian ones, like jersey dresses and tops that have innate personality thanks to layering, innovative silhouettes, drawstrings, and ruching that aren’t the least bit gimmicky. (My current faves? The Twisty T Dress and the Long Striped Dress.) And I’m not the only one losing my mind over this line, the fashion press can’t say enough about it: Elle, W, WWD, and Style.com are all giving it up for A.L.C.


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