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Wednesday, January 28th 2009

like pb & j

There are some things that just go together: runways and Amazonian models, icy margaritas and the summer sun, Ben and Jerry. And there’s one more duo to add to that list: Twenty8Twelve and Pour La Victoire, because their respective spring 2009 collections seem to have been made for one another.

First, you have Twenty8Twelve with its vintage-inspired dresses and tops that have a moody aura of London fog about them. Then, Pour La Victoire comes in with their towering sandal-bootie hybrid, an absolute must for the season. Put them together and the result is a look so devil-may-care perfect it’s almost too easy.

Need some examples? Pair the Twenty8Twelve yellow Monette Dress or sweet-meets-saucy print Dorrette Dress with Pour La Victoire’s brown platform sandals. Brilliant, no? For a look that’s city through-and-through, the Cherie Tank, a pair of boyfriend jeans, and the Felicia Sandal make a handsome threesome. And throw in a couple of Twenty8Twelve’s graphic tees and Pour La Victoire’s flat Naomi Sandals for those days when you’re craving a slightly tamer brand of fashion-forwardness.

What do you say? Are there any brands out there you think are a match made in style heaven?


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