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Wednesday, July 1st 2009

From Shunned to Loved, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Short

Something happened when I graduated from high school, a sartorial something: I began a years-long shunning of that summer staple, the short. Why? I don’t know exactly. Perhaps it was a decision to embrace a more mature look, setting aside the style I’d worn without variation throughout the warm-weather months of my young life.

I’m not sure it was that thoughtful, but whatever it was that made me shun shorts, I’m inspired to take them up again. This season’s styles are pretty darn tempting, and I have an upcoming outdoor family get-together in the great forests of Northern Wisconsin that demands a sportier look. (It’s impossible to step gracefully into a canoe, and I’d rather not be the cousin who accidentally flashed the family in her impractical summer dress.)

I’m sold on the Bop Basics Istanbul Shorts. They have the casual-chic look that’s just right for this event, and the fabric is airy enough to keep me cool in summer’s sweltering heat. So I’ve got the family-reunion-appropriate pair, but while I was browsing, I found a few others that made the pro-shorts argument. A pair of J Brand boyfriend shorts caught my eye for general Saturday bumming around, and a metallic pair by Alice + Olivia have me rethinking my sweeping veto on evening shorts. Played against platform heels and a simple tank, it’s a look that’s ready for a night out with the girls.

So here I sit a convert. But what about you? Are you pro- or anti-shorts? If you’re against them, do you find yourself longing for that perfect fashion-forward pair of high-waisted paper-bag shorts (you can admit it—you’re among friends here)?


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