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Thursday, April 11th 2013

Lyndsey Butler on Veda Spring 2013

For spring 2013, Veda designer Lyndsey Butler took a trip back in time, visiting the psychedelic aesthetic that defined the 1960s. Part of her process involved a collaboration with tie-dye artist Courtenay Pollock, best known for designing colorful creations for The Grateful Dead. We spoke with Lyndsey about the collection and working with Pollock.

SHOPBOP: Tell us a little about the inspiration behind the Veda spring 2013 collection.
LYNDSEY BUTLER: The spring 2013 inspiration list looks like this: acid tests, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, hot springs, Tom Wolfe, Hells Angels, old ladies, psychedelic art, The Crow, powwow, Daisies (1966), Wavy Gravy, and smoke bombs.

SB: You worked with Courtenay Pollock to create tie-dye pieces. How did that collaboration come about?
LB: We heard whispers about a tie-dye artist in Canada who had worked with The Grateful Dead, and we sort of thought it sounded too good to be true. But we did a little research and got in touch with the amazing Courtenay Pollock. He is a true artist and craftsman and a total pleasure to work with. We sent him some silk fabric and told him about our color inspiration for the season, and he sent us back these beautiful pieces of art (that were really hard to cut up into clothes).

SB: The tie-dye pieces mark a new look for Veda. How do they tie into the brand’s overall aesthetic?
LB: Spring is always a fun season for us because we can cut loose a little. For the fall and winter collections, our retailers are coming to us for the staples—cool leather jackets to keep their girls warm—but spring leather is a little less traditional.

Originally, the collection was just supposed to be some tie-dyed silk accents with black leather motorcycle jackets (think “hippy cult motorcycle gang”), but I just became obsessed with the idea of head-to-toe tie-dye. We started tie-dyeing everything we could get our hands on: leather jackets, denim, vintage T-shirts.

SB: What kind of girl in particular will this collection appeal to?
LB: I think the collection will appeal to a cool fashion girl. And maybe we will spot a few Veda silk tie-dye tops on the festival round-ups.

SB: What’s your favorite piece from the collection?
LB: My favorite piece is the Ezra tie-dye jacket with black leather details. It’s the perfect spring/summer jacket, and each one is unique. We only made a limited amount of these jackets, exclusively for Shopbop, and they were all made from silk that was hand-dyed by Courtenay Pollock, then cut and sewn in our NYC studio.

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