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Tuesday, January 26th 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags: The Color Boost Your Wardrobe Needs

I have a cousin, many cousins actually, but this particular cousin has an incredible eye for color. She’s like the Chris Benz of the quilting/crafty world, and every time I visit her, she shows me a new creative work of art in progress—invariably an amalgamation of shades that shouldn’t work together but, under the direction of her deft hand, always do. And on these visits, she reminds me ever so gently that my wardrobe is seriously lacking in color. She’s right. My black sweaters paired with faded black jeans, black dresses paired with charcoal cardigans, black skirts paired with white button-downs—what can I say? I like my colorless neutrals.

After my last house call to this cousin, I visited our Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags page. I’m not likely to add a rainbow to my clothing wardrobe, but I could stand to add something a little more vibrant to my rotation of brown, black, and grey handbags. Enter Marc Jacobs’s graffiti-scribbled canvas messengers, quilted totes in sweet paisley and bow prints, and kicky croc-print satchels. They’re the dash of whimsy my dark uniform needs, and since the price is nice, I can afford to add a lot more color (and more Marc) to my look. What girl wouldn’t want that?


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