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Monday, September 24th 2012

Meet Fortnight Lingerie: Underpinnings with a Fashion Focus

Fortnight Designer Christina Remenyi and pieces from her 2012 collection.

Fortnight Lingerie is designed to be different. The brand focuses on creating the perfect fit in each piece, and they do it with a focus on vintage-meets-modern fashion. We spoke with Owner/Designer Christina Remenyi about her inspiration, who she’s designing for, and the benefits of producing her line in Canada.

SHOPBOP: Tell us a little about the inspiration behind the Fortnight label.
CHRISTINA REMENYI: Fortnight was created to revitalize the classic beauty of lingerie and to bridge the gap between fashion and lingerie. We aim to design garments that are both functional and fashionable, allowing the wearer to adapt each piece for intimate or formal occasions, to stand alone or to be layered.

SB: Who is the Fortnight woman?
CR: The Fortnight woman is free-spirited, confident, embraces fashion, and appreciates quality in every aspect of her life.

SB: The aesthetic of the brand feels a little vintage, a little modern. How do you approach design to achieve this unique mix?
CR: While we always nod to the classic beauty and tailoring found in vintage lingerie, at the same time, it’s also very important to us to create modern silhouettes that can easily be incorporated into our modern wardrobes. We do this by using fabrics that are lightweight, soft, and durable. We go through many drafts and fittings on a wide range of body types to achieve the perfect fit. Many of us love showing off our lingerie, whether it be through a sheer top or with a peek of a shoulder strap. We want to design pieces that look as good with your clothes as they do without.

SB: Flipping through your lookbook, there are quotes below each look. Can you tell us about what they mean and where they come from?
CR: Each piece in the 2012 collection was named after a classic rock muse. The quotes below each photo are lines from their songs. From Angie to Jolene, these carefree rebels embody the Fortnight woman and were the muses behind this collection.

SB: The label is made in Canada. What are the advantages in producing there?
CR: All Fortnight pieces are designed and made in-house. We truly believe that lingerie is best made in small, controlled quantities. Every stitch and millimeter is so important to achieving the perfect fit. Producing everything in-house allows us to keep an eye on every aspect of production.

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