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Friday, May 6th 2011

Meet Jess Blanch, Editor in Chief of RUSSH Magazine

RUSSH Editor in Chief Jess Blanch. Photo by Candice Lake.

We’ve been spending some time in Australia of late, and while there, we’ve grown to love RUSSH magazine (almost to the point of obsession). We’re collaborating with the glossy this Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, so we thought it time to get to know the folks behind the magazine a little better. We talked to the woman who works to shape the RUSSH vision, Editor in Chief Jess Blanch.

Shopbop: For readers who may not be familiar with RUSSH, how would you describe the magazine?
Jess Blanch: RUSSH is built on originally produced editorial and fashion created by people who love the magazine. It’s the fashion magazine that you read, a magazine that encourages you to be yourself and not one that tells you what to wear or how to be.

We’re not into celebrities but we are very much into models. Our cover girls have included Eniko, Jessica Stam and … I just wish I could tell you our next one for June!

In our hearts we’re Australian, but we’re international in mindset. You can buy RUSSH anywhere—from a country town in Australia to Collette in Paris. And of course, you can check in daily at russhmagazine.com.

SB: What kind of regular features should readers look for?
JB: We showcase innovators in fashion, beauty, music, and the arts, and we do this through our contributors, all passionate people living their dreams around the world. Regular features range from inspirational profiles and international trend reports to our annual astrology special with the amazing Susan Miller. There’s something in there for everyone.

SB: Let’s talk about fashion week. Describe a typical day for you during RAFW.
JB: Busy. We’re filming at the shows so we’re torn between reviewing the collections and filming backstage for videos we’re producing to roll out over the next few weeks. Our coverage isn’t about being the most instant. It’s about sharing what we’ve seen, what goes on behind the scenes.

And really, there is also quite a bit of driving between shows, but we get to hang as a team while we do it, which is nice as we don’t get to do that every day.

SB: What will you be wearing as you go from show to show this year?
JB: No doubt I will end up wearing a pant and jacket. I’m quite a uniform dresser and I find a pant and a jacket so practical. Yesterday I woke up and put cowboy boots on with my suit, in a “maybe I’ll be a cowboy today” moment, but the novelty wore off before I left the house.

I’m going for comfort with my worn-to-death Celine boots, an envelope bag from Australian leather maker Louis Cardini, slightly ’70s Lover suits, or a cable- knit jumper and jeans.

SB: What’s your favorite part of RAFW?
JB: I love seeing the story the designers are telling with their collection come alive in a show. When new inspirations culminate to something fresh or just something beautiful. I like seeing the journey they’ve been on and appreciate what a personal thing it must be to share.

SB: How would you describe your personal style?
JB: Classic, I suppose. I think a white silk blouse can be everything, but every so often I wear something ridiculous. I don’t really have the patience for accessorizing. And I only have one rule: not to wear black on Sundays, but don’t ask me why.

SB: What’s the must-have piece in your wardrobe this season?
JB: A flat men’s-style loafer. It’s amazing how quickly you can get places in them.

Check out some of Jess’s work in our Australian Fashion Week coverage.

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