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Tuesday, March 19th 2013

Meet Swedish Fashion Import, Dagmar

The sister-designers behind the Swedish label, Dagmar.

Introducing Dagmar, a collection designed by Swedish sisters Kristina Tjäder, Karin Söderlind, and Sofia Wallenstam. Named for the trio’s grandmother, a tailor who inspired the sisters to develop their interest in fabrics and design at a young age, Dagmar samples from art deco influences to create innovative pieces with a focus on knits. We talked with Kristina, Karin, and Sofia about their brand and their inspiration.

SHOPBOP: Tell us a little about Dagmar. How would you describe the brand’s aesthetic?
DAGMAR: Dagmar is both unconventional and sophisticated. We like to say the style is best described as relaxed luxury with attitude.

SHOPBOP: Your grandmother, who was a tailor, serves as the muse for the line. Can you tell us a little about how she inspires each collection?
DAGMAR: She was a bit quirky and fun, and always mixed and matched patterns and colors in a great way. We always have this in mind while working on new designs. She also had a weakness for nice fabrics and high quality, and so do we.

Three looks from the Dagmar spring 2013 runway: Clem sweater, Pallas Athena skirt/dress, and Lutha dress.

SHOPBOP: Craftsmanship plays a big role in Dagmar. Why is this element important to you?
DAGMAR: We’re nerds about nice quality and love good seam or a well-made knitted piece.

SHOPBOP: The spring collection has a relaxed, fluid, sensual feel. Tell us about the inspiration behind it.
DAGMAR: The name of the collection is Bio Architecture, and it’s a blend of delicate and rough, high tech and traditional. It comes from our inner longing to go back to nature, but without compromising with modern facilities or constant connection to the rest of the world.

SHOPBOP: Discuss the color palette of the spring collection—a stunning mix of colors both vibrant and subtly muted. What story does it tell?
DAGMAR: We have taken mineral and sandy hues, and we mixed in the colors of the sunset when it is as bright as it can get. The palette is inspired by nature and the shades of Earth’s layers.

SHOPBOP: Do you have a favorite piece from the spring collection? What makes it special?
DAGMAR: This spring, we are all longing for color, so our favorites include the Clem sweater in a neon sunset shade, and the Pallas Athena skirt/dress and Lutha dress.

Shop Dagmar Spring 2013.

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