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Monday, October 29th 2012

Music Muse: My First Time by Kyla La Grange

Welcome to Music Muse, a monthly column edited by Assia Grazioli-Venier, Shopbop style ambassador and founder/CEO of London-based Flypaper Media. In each edition, Assia will profile a style leader in the music world, starting with British beauty Kyla La Grange. Kyla’s debut album Ashes just dropped, and here, she tells the story of her first time on stage.

Kyla La Grange wears a Tocca dress and Tom Binns earrings.

The first time I ever played one of my songs in public, I was eighteen. At school I sang in choirs and school plays/performances, but I never played my own material (which, in hindsight, is lucky, since my songs back then were terrible). I think a part of me was scared that people would laugh at me, but also it was that I saw songwriting as a very private escape. I've never been the most social person. Drawing, running, singing, and writing were, for me, always preferable to going out.

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