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Friday, March 13th 2009

get schooled in spring denim

I’m so looking forward to the day when I can shed my winter layers (sweater, coat, hat, gloves, scarf), and just stroll out of my apartment in a simple top, sandals, and jeans. So of course those jeans had better be exceptional. That’s why I turned to shopbop’s spring denim trends video for inspiration.

In the past I’ve pored over our denim fit videos before buying jeans, so I expected much of the same from this video: how spring’s new (and sometimes innovative) silhouettes actually look in motion. And with her usual élan, Senior Stylist Morgan gives us a lesson in styling and shows us how different pairs can transform a look.

Some ideas I want to incorporate into my own wardrobe? I love the fit of my dark-wash Anlo jeans, and in the video I saw how their white version adds polish and a little unstudied glam to a sexy one-shoulder top. I must admit I’ve had my reservations about boyfriend jeans. None of us want to look like a slacker ex-boyfriend (you know you have one), but I like how an artfully distressed pair (like my personal fave, the Genetic jeans) can dress down a preppy striped sweater or a tailored jacket, or keep an airy floral blouse from looking too twee. Craving a more thorough denim education from Morgan? Study the video, and don’t worry, this is homework that’s actually fun.


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