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Wednesday, August 26th 2009

Studio Style: Cris

For the past few months, we’ve been giving you a peek inside the creative minds of our studio stylists. But the chic chicks who dress our models aren’t the only style cognoscente working behind the scenes. Meet Shopbop photographer Cris Comello:

Suzanne: I love a man in a dashing hat! Is it vintage?

Cris: Yes, this vintage bowler is my prized possession, simply because it’s one of the only hats I can wear that makes me look good. It's a strange phenomenon, but I simply can't wear hats. A life-long struggle, ugh.
S: You’re one of these dudes who seems to just ooze cool. How would you describe your personal style?

C: Stylistically, I keep it really simple. I love cool denim (G-star, Diesel, Nom de Guerre, Kicking Mule Workshop) with V-neck T-shirts during the day and black button-downs at night.

S: Interesting eyewear is also your signature…

C: Having been around photo studios for close to 25 years, my eyes have become a little sensitive to flash, so I rock some Ray-Bans to ease the strain.

S: What is life like as a fashion photographer?

C: The thing I particularly love about Shopbop is the creative energy and ability to produce such a high volume of great work. Even though we aren’t working with the kind of budget Vogue does, we have found ways over the years to continually produce high-quality work. On a personal note, some of the friendships I have made here are lifelong. It's special to collaborate with our stylists, models, and design team. I think we are all extremely proud of the end product.

S: Let’s talk dream shoot: anywhere, anything, with anyone. What would it be?

C: Dream shoot? Prolly recreating a Raver party-inspired shoot with all types of circus animals and fire-breathers. Really sweaty, tight shots and lots of energy. Extremely edgy and silly all at the same time—that's my flow!


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