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Wednesday, September 24th 2008

My Second Favorite Blog

...this one’s my first favorite, naturally, but second place goes to the wonderful French world of Garance Doré. An illustrator by trade, Garance started her blog “Un Fille Comme Moi” (translation: “A Girl Like Me”) in June 2006 as another way to publish her illustrations, and it’s transformed into a snapshot of fashionable French life. A sort of francophone Sartorialist, she’s started to incorporate photographs of Parisian street chic into her posts, and the way she captures the effortless cool that seems to come with being a French woman definitely feeds my Francophile tendencies.

But the elegant, minimalist illustrations remain my favorite thing about this blog. There’s something quietly alluring about them, and they’ve recently inspired me to work the art prints that are so prevalent this season into my wardrobe. Take the Hanii Y Dove Print Blouse as an example. The clean lines and pretty essence of the print is very Garance Doré-esque. And the Dolce Vita Hannah Dress has a hash-mark print that looks like it could have been taken directly from an artist’s sketchpad.

Oh, and yes, Garance’s blog is entirely en français, but you don’t have to know how to read the language to appreciate the beautiful images. (But if you can read French, her writing is worth reading—très charmant!)


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