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Thursday, May 23rd 2013

My Style Philosophy: Elise

Our staffers are a chic bunch, each with their own unique spin on fashion. This month we chatted with Stylist Elise about her personal style philosophy.

Name: Elise
Position: Stylist

Go-to brand:
For such a maximalist, I am surprised to find myself reaching for Vince constantly. It’s a great first stop for well-cut tees and sweaters that last forever and lend a modern, clean-and-cool feeling. I’m not cool by default, so I appreciate anything that helps!

How did you get into styling?
My background is actually in theatre, so I come at styling from a storytelling perspective. Instead of asking how to wear a piece, I ask “Who is this girl? Where is she going? What does she eat for breakfast?” Styling really is visual storytelling—trying to capture a whole narrative with one image.

What’s your style philosophy?
Dress for the life you want! Style is an expression of personality and one of the most basic forms of communication—whether you acknowledge it or not, you say a lot about yourself before even opening your mouth. Having style means taking control of what you’re “saying.” Personally, I tend towards pieces with a lot of history or meaning, whether it’s a necklace from my grandmother or a dress I found on a special day. Let’s just say I have a lot of amulets on at any given time. I’m a bit of a magpie too, and I’m attracted to color, print, and texture—and I always try to wear natural fibers. I want a magical life, so I try to dress for it!

What one item in your closet could you not live without?
A really good matte red lipstick and a great little jacket to pull it all together.

Shop Elise’s go-to brand Vince.

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