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Tuesday, March 4th 2014

My Style Philosophy: Rachel

Rachel in an EACH x OTHER gingham blazer.

Our staffers are a chic bunch, each with their own unique spin on fashion. This month we chatted with stylist Rachel about her personal style philosophy.

Name: Rachel
Position: Apparel Stylist               

Go-to brand: Do I have to pick one? That’s really quite hard! Two that consistently keep my attention are Wes Gordon and Acne Studios.

How did you become interested in fashion? The first time I remember really appreciating fashion was when I was waiting in line for the ladies’ room at an MC Hammer concert when I was 8 years old. It was the first concert I ever attended, and I was in awe of the outfits all the older, “cooler” girls were wearing. I was adorned with pigtails, pink shorts, a graphic T-shirt of ants walking with a watermelon, and white Keds. I couldn’t stop staring at two women in particular. They had dressed to the nines for the show—little black dresses, black tights, and killer heels—hoping to meet MC Hammer himself, I’m sure! I realized at that moment that you can express yourself freely through what you wear—that clothing speaks loudly and can evoke emotion. I wanted to be like those girls and feel what they were feeling as they reapplied their make-up and teased their hair while admiring their sassy outfits. It didn’t occur to me at that moment that I wanted to be a stylist, but it was the defining moment of when my creative and emotional view of fashion changed.

What’s your style philosophy? I like to combine not-too-fussy feminine touches with a bit of tomboyish flair. I usually reach for a pretty, creamy blouse, a high-waisted midi skirt, a great leather belt, and a trusty denim jacket. I try to put together outfits that can take me from a long day on set in the studio to happy hour cocktails or a live show at the local juke-joint without a major costume change.

What one item in your closet could you not live without? I recently upgraded my go-to denim jacket that I’ve had for over ten years to the Acne Studios denim jacket, and I haven’t taken it off.  It’s been terribly cold this winter, so I’ve been wearing it under all of my outerwear coats as an extra layering piece.  It’s very versatile and suits my style philosophy quite nicely.

Shop Rachel’s go-to brands, Wes Gordon and Acne Studios.

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