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Tuesday, September 22nd 2009

New at Shopbop: Rag & Bone Shoes


Just as Alexander Wang’s new shoe collection caused widespread hyperventilation in the fashion blogosphere, Rag & Bone is getting lots of love for distilling the timeless, built-to-last sensibility of its much-loved clothing into a line of shoes. And just as Wang’s heavily buckled, lace-up boots and booties perfectly complement his aggressive dresses, Rag & Bone shoes are tailor-made for the brand’s die-hard fans: picture rugged moto boots or preppy-gone-bad felt-and-leather boots with a polished blazer, or riding boots with an equestrian-inspired jacket.

Still not enough Rag & Bone? They’ll be introducing sunglasses in spring ’10 (if you can’t wait until they land at Shopbop, get a sneak peek here), inspired by Italian frames of the ’60s and ’70s and named after defunct motorcycle companies. Best of all, they’re made with Rag & Bone’s signature construction, so you’re far less likely to find them in pieces at the bottom of your handbag.


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