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Friday, February 20th 2009

notes from ny: anna sui

Agyness Deyn opened and closed the Anna Sui fall show. Here, she wears the finale look.

A collection with references that ran the gamut from Prohibition-era flappers and Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of the Canyon, to cowgirls and ’80s Madonna wannabes might have spelled certain disaster in less deft design hands, but Anna Sui pulled it off with characteristic panache in her fall ’09 collection.

While it’s definitely not for the devout minimalist, Sui’s exquisitely executed more-is-more aesthetic is nothing if not fun to wear. Touched by the signature bohemian glamour this line is beloved for, the runway was awash in intricate paisleys in vibrant hues and delicate florals that provided the perfect complement to her sweetly sophisticated dresses, while tweeds, black watch plaid, and velvet kept things grounded.

In her signature style, Anna Sui’s fall prints are vibrant and varied.

Tweed, black and white plaid, and soft velvet tempered Sui’s fanciful designs.

At the end of the runway, more than one model showed a hint of a smile, some gave an all-out grin.

--Kate, Morgan, Maureen

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