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Tuesday, March 20th 2012

3 Questions for NSF Creative Director Jamie Haller

NSF Creative Director Jamie Haller.

NSF clothing has a cool, independent spirit, fitting for the brand’s West Coast roots. Under the creative direction of Jamie Haller, NSF offers sophisticated pieces rendered in casual fabrications, lending each style a sense of chic versatility. We took a few minutes to ask Haller about the NSF collection.

Shopbop: Describe your current collection in three words or less.
Jamie Haller: Effortless, casual, cool.

SB: What inspires you most?
JH: This is too hard to answer. It’s everything—color, shape, texture, place, travel, what I want to wear, what I see around me, what I get “into” at any given moment. I love to pick up things from my travels and incorporate them into a collection. The print on the Shada pant from the current collection was patch-worked together from a vintage printed Indonesian jacket I found at a flea market. I am constantly inspired by beautiful worn-out denim pieces as well, or the perfectly worn and torn tee. I’m always looking for this feeling of broken-down perfection.

SB: What was your latest travel destination? What’s next?
JH: Last travel destination was Egypt. It’s a very magnetic place in the world and I had always wanted to go there. My next trip will be to Bali. It’s so beautiful, tropical, and spiritual—definitely something to look forward to.

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