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Thursday, August 6th 2009

obsession du jour: grey accessories

Every season, I pick a color to love. Last spring, it was white, last fall, deep purple. And right now, I’m all about grey accents: charcoal, heather, dove—I’m drawn to every shade of grey.

I can’t entirely explain these waves of color affinity, but I do know that once I get the idea in my head, there’s no getting it out. In the grey arena, for example, I’ve already picked up a slouchy suede tote, a mini messenger bag, a pair of platform sandals, a couple throw pillows for my bed (sure, I can’t accessorize my person with that last one, but my duvet has never been chicer), and there’s no end in sight.

The why is simple: in my wardrobe, grey offers a touch of the unexpected and lends depth to an otherwise boring abyss of black. Just picture a rich grey leather bag slung over the shoulder of a black dress. Nice, no? Or a pair of grey heels with said LBD instead of the requisite black pumps. Instant subtle intrigue. Matched up with nature-loving brown, grey gives a look richness and, even better, effortlessness.

In my opinion, the ashy shade can do no wrong, but what about you? How do you wear your grey?


Pictured: Scarf by Son of John; choked pumps by Barbara Bui; slouchy suede boots by Madewell; mini messenger bag by Alexander Wang; structured hobo by Jack Rabbit Collection; sunglasses by Chloé Sunglasses.

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