Thursday, April 24th 2014

10 Reasons Flats Flat-Out Rule

I can’t pinpoint the exact day, but at some point last year, I put my heels on the shelf and didn’t bring them out again, except for the occasional fancy-dress party. Flats have been my first choice for everyday, no matter the outfit. They make getting around the city a whole lot more comfortable, and I find myself with far fewer blisters at the end of the day. Lucky for me, footwear’s finest designers are feeding my flats fascination with styles that are every bit as cool as the skyscrapingest stiletto.

So, in honor of my shoe conversion, I’ve rounded up 10 reason flats flat-out rule:

1. Sometimes you have to actually get where you’re going fast. Heels do not oblige.

Sporty DKNY sneakers.

2. The little-bit-prep/little-bit-punk trend made famous in the ’90s (ahem, My So-Called Life) is so much better with flats.

A couple of ’90s fashion looks.

3. Birkenstocks are back in the fashion vernacular. And there’s not an ounce of irony in that statement.

Lily Aldridge and Chanel Iman in the Shopbop + Born Free collection and Birkenstock sandals.

4. Strappy sandals with a so-thin sole will not cut into your feet the way their stiletto counterparts do.

Paul Andrew sandals.

5. You can buy the same style in multiple colors and not feel guilty about it. (I’m looking at you, Superga and Havaianas.)

Pedro Garcia sneakers.

Havaianas flip-flops.

6. These two looks. Casual perfection.

A.L.C. outfits with Jenni Kayne loafers and Vince sneakers.

7. Slide sneakers in every print imaginable. ’Nuff said.

Mother of Pearl sneakers.

8. Norman approves.

9. Norman’s down with these too. Also, running sneaks are now acceptable to wear off the treadmill.

Ash sneakers.

10. These sandals. Love them.

Rebecca Minkoff sandals.

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Thursday, April 24th 2014

Wise Words: Diane von Furstenberg

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Thursday, April 24th 2014

The Daily Find: 9seed Jumpsuit

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What it is: 9seed Zuma Jumpsuit
Why we love it: Smocked bands give this strapless jumpsuit a flattering, curve-hugging silhouette.
Wear it with: A beaded bracelet and platform sandals.

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

Wise Words: Liya Kebede

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

That Green Circle on Facebook #im4zero #joinbornfree

Born Free was founded with a single goal in mind: bring the instances of mother-to-child HIV transmissions down to zero by December 31, 2015. The green circle at the center of the organization’s logo is symbolic of this goal, and at Shopbop, we’re showing our support by incorporating that hopeful symbol into our social profile images. We encourage everyone who wants to take up the cause in a simple, yet impactful way to do the same. Change your profile picture for a day, a week, a month, or until Born Free’s goal is achieved in 2015.

Learn more about Born Free and the exclusive collection created in partnership with Shopbop, Amazon Fashion, Vogue, and 22 of fashion’s top designers in the Shopbop + Born Free boutique.

Shop the Shopbop + Born Free collection.
Join the conversation on social channels: #im4zero #joinbornfree

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

Introducing the Exclusive Born Free Collection + 3 Questions for Our Cover Girl, Lily Aldridge

Model Lily Aldridge in the Shopbop + Born Free lookbook.

Today marks the beginning of a collaboration we at Shopbop are so very proud to be a part of. Along with Amazon Fashion, Vogue, and 22 leading designers, we’re joining in Born Free’s charge to end mother-to-child transmission of HIV by December 31, 2015. The exclusive Shopbop + Born Free collection features designs by brands such as Céline, Prada, Isabel Marant, Tory Burch, and J. Crew, and 100% of the profits will benefit Born Free. On top of that, the MAC AIDS Fund will match all donations and the total purchase price of all products sold, up to $500,000.

Notable names across the fashion industry—including our homepage cover girl, Lily Aldridge—have signed on to support this worthy cause. We took a few minutes of Lily’s time during our shoot to ask her about her support of Born Free, as well as what it means to be a mother.

SHOPBOP: What made you most excited to join Born Free?
LILY ALDRIDGE: I feel so passionately about any organization that wants to help children, and Born Free is paving the way to end mother-to-child transmission of HIV. One pill a day can prevent that. Together we can help children be born with the healthy start they deserve!

SB: What piece from the collection will you wear the most and why?
LA: I love the J. Crew trousers. I think they are a great shape and perfect for spring/summer! The Isabel Marant top and the Stella McCartney tee are fabulous too. I honestly can’t wait for everything to come out. I also love that the adult clothes match the kid’s clothes—Dixie and I will be matching all summer.

SB: The mother-child bond is a huge part of this campaign. What has been the most rewarding part of motherhood for you?
LA: Being a mother is the greatest joy I've ever known in my life. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my daughter. Watching her grow and learn is so magical. I’m so proud to be her mother!

Shop the Shopbop + Born Free collection.
Join the conversation on social channels: #im4zero #joinbornfree

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

The Daily Find: Born Free Shirtdress

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What it is: Born Free Carolina Herrera Shirtdress
Why we love it: Not only is the print designed exclusively for Born Free by Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu, all profits from the collection will benefit Born Free’s initiative to end mother-to-child HIV transmission by December 31, 2015.
Wear it with: Rebecca Minkoff wedges and a Gorjana bracelet.

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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014

Gladiators & Ancient Greece: Talking Sandals with Christina Martini

Inspired by Greek mythology, shoe designer Christina Martini teamed up with Nikolas Minoglou to found Ancient Greek Sandals. Made using traditional techniques, the collection consists of feminine sandals with an edgy, yet wearable feel. We talked to Martini about her sources of inspiration and the craftsmanship behind the brand’s timeless designs.

The Thais Cross Strap Sandals.

Shopbop: What fascinates you most about Greek history and mythology?
Christina Martini: Ancient Greece offers an unlimited source of research and design ideas. For past collections, I have mostly explored ancient Greek art. Sculpture, pottery, architecture, and jewelry have been a great source of inspiration for me.

SB: How closely do Ancient Greek Sandals resemble original styles? In what ways are they modernized?
CM: We have a very large collection. Some original styles depict those on statues or frescos, while newer styles are more in line with our Ancient Greek concept. The sandals are modernized with new materials, such as haircalf and exotics, or through the introduction of bright colors and metallics. In addition, the whole construction is deliberately more feminine. Heavy soles and stitching on the insole are avoided, leaving the foot more bare and sexy and revealing the details of the sandal. Finally, for extra comfort, a small inner wedge has been added between the insole and sole, as well as an anti-slip heel piece in order to avoid accidents!

SB: Ancient Greek Sandals are made by craftsmen using centuries-old techniques. What is the shoemaking process?
CM: What characterizes a traditional Greek sandal is its construction. The fact that the leather is inserted through holes punched in the insole is what makes our sandals different from others. Another traditional characteristic is the vegetable-tanned leather which ages with light, time and wear.

I work very closely with our pattern-maker. When I send him a design, he makes a prototype without a sole in order for me to check the fitting and lines. As soon as corrections are made and the pattern is confirmed, the cutting knives of the upper are realized. The knives are placed on the vegetable tanned leather and hand pressed in order to cut the upper, then the leather is skived where needed and the pieces are assembled either by stitching or rivets, when absolutely necessary. In addition, the buckle, if relevant, is added.

In the meantime, holes are punched through the insole in order for the upper to be inserted. The sole with the anti-slip heel is glued together with the inside wedge and then the insole is placed. As a final procedure, the edges of the sole/insole are sanded down and waxed, and the sandal is cleaned and ready to go!

SB: Which sandals from the latest collection do you believe every woman needs this summer?
CM: There are so many, it is difficult to choose just one. Personally, I wear the Ismene style a lot. This braided sandal is perfect for day and night because of its metallic leather braid. I also love the Kiveli wedge sandal. The wedge gives a bit of a lift, and the height is really comfortable.

Finally, if comfort during everyday walks is the main objective, the Phoebe and the Lia are great. They hold the foot really well. As unequivocal proof, the dancers at the ceremony for the lighting of the Olympic torch performed wearing these two styles!

SB: What are your tips for styling Ancient Greek Sandals?
CM: Ancient Greek Sandals can be worn with anything, depending on your personal and unique style. They can be worn with a pair of denim shorts, long caftans and skirts, or even a wedding gown.

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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014

The Daily Find: VEDA Dress

Welcome to The Daily Find, our favorite products plucked from What’s New.

What it is: VEDA Coco Leather Dress
Why we love it: A feminine floral print lends a sweet touch to an edgy, paneled-leather construction.
Wear it with: Helmut Lang sandals and a Vanessa Mooney bracelet.

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Monday, April 21st 2014

Cool Collaboration: Behati Prinsloo for THVM

Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo teamed up with L.A. clothing label THVM (This Here Very Moment) for a 14-piece collection of punk-inspired jeans, tank tops, coats, and tees. We talked to Prinsloo about her personal style and the creative process behind the collaboration.

Behati in the Deep Sea Tee and Wash Skinny Jeans.

Shopbop: Describe the collection in six words or less.
Behati Prinsloo: Comfortable, easy, tomboy, classic, simple, everyday.

SB: What was the inspiration behind the collection?
BP: I wanted to create something true to myself and also true to the THVM brand. I carefully considered what it is that I look for when shopping and applied that to the design process. I was inspired by iconic pieces that are effortless and can be worn every day.

SB: What was your favorite part about working with THVM, and what did you learn in the process?
BP: My favorite part of the creative process was exchanging ideas with designers Brian and Olga. I learned the importance of communication. How you communicate your ideas and opinions is crucial for an accurate execution. Since we all had similar taste, it made the creative process easy and enjoyable! We were all in sync in our ideas and vision.

Behati in the Bat Tee and Stripe Zip Trousers.
SB: How would you describe your own aesthetic, and in what ways did your personal style influence your designs?
BP: I like timeless pieces that don’t require a lot of effort to style. I am big on a pair of jeans mixed with a fun and easy T-shirt. THVM has perfected this aesthetic by designing pieces that are simple, reliable, and fit perfectly.

SB: Which item from the collection will you wear most often? How will you style it?
BP: It's a small collection, so I love and wear every piece. At the moment, the high-waist black skinny jeans and the striped pants are my favorites. I wear them with a simple white T-shirt or the Deep Sea shirt. This collection is my baby. Each item easily blends into my everyday look.

SB: You’ve worked in the fashion industry since you were 16. What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received?
BP: Always stay true to yourself, and treat everyone with respect and how you want to be treated. Also, always have fun with whatever you do. Don't take things too seriously. I'm so lucky to have gotten this far.

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