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Friday, May 22nd 2009

first fashion

Our Favorites from What's New
Fashion has been hot on deconstructing itself lately. Even though my mom would recoil in horror, I kind of like the idea that if my cardigan accidentally gets a tear or snag, it’s suddenly runway ready. The best part? Designers have done all the disheveling dirty work for us. (And you can bet your open-toe boots this look will still be rippin’ it up in our fall trends, too.)

The necklace story of 2009? Tangled chains. The more metals, strands, and impossible-to-undo knots the better. Fallon Jewelry – Slater Mixed Choker


Tees couldn’t let our destroyed denim have all the fun. This one’s strategically slashed in all the right places. LNA – Ripped Crew Neck T-shirt


Maybe I could introduce Mom to cutouts via this chic one-shoulder silhouette with subtle web-like crochet. Before long she’ll be wanting a bandage dress, just you wait. Theory – Devin Top

Find the best of knotted, slit, and shredded, in What’s New.

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