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Tuesday, August 25th 2009

First Fashion: Knockout Accessories

Have you ever stared blankly at your chock-full closet and felt you had nothing to wear? We’ve all felt sartorially stagnant at one time or another. The speediest way out of this slump? Buy one knockout accessory that’ll kick-start your creativity—it may just end up becoming your signature piece.

In her trademark razor-sharp fashion, Camilla Skovgaard has redefined hellcat heels. Imagine the powerful jolt these will give to both your mood and a draped LBD. Camilla Skovgaard - Cutout Booties with Lug Sole


Frayed tiers, uneven hems, tangled chains—the big picture for fall is disordered luxury. The melding of imperfect asymmetry and dazzling crystals makes for one covetable bauble. TOM BINNS - Faux Real Multicolor Necklace


Whoever said beige was boring never laid eyes on this dreamy Chanel handbag. Not only an exquisite complement to fall’s neutral trend, it’s a classic to treasure for years to come. WGACA Vintage - Vintage Chanel Quilted Chain Bag

Spicy, exhilarating, deliciously decadent accessories await in What’s New.

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