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Tuesday, February 24th 2009

first fashion

Our Favorites from What's New
Just like in movie climaxes, I prefer my fashion stories to have a twist. I love that our designers go the extra mile to not just give us shirt-on-our-back sustenance, but instead offer up unexpected élan.
Tbins2001125609_94x185 TOM BINNS knows ravenous film noir sirens do like highlighter neon, in moderation. TOM BINNS – Dumont Noir Fluorescent Necklace
Cbenz2010425924_94x185 I’ll reveal a different character entirely, just by turning around. Chris Benz – Summer Cardigan
Jkagn2003712397_94x185 Quirky, dramatic, yet a wicked sense of humor—like something I snatched from a Tim Burton set. Jessica Kagan Cushman – Skull Necklace
Surprise sartorial endings await in What’s New.

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