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Tuesday, September 1st 2009

First Fashion: For Those About to Rock

The bad-girl rocker is the muse du jour, but really a leather motorcycle jacket, ripped tank, and faded black jeans is as timeless a look as Calvin Klein suiting (just with a tad more ’tude). Below, a few new forever-cool finds.

A potent cocktail of sinfully sheer mesh and Siwy skinny jean, these pants belong at a high-octane club on the Sunset Strip. Siwy - Sophie Skinny Jeans


You might not have witnessed a legendary Page/Plant performance, but this storied concert T-shirt has. WGACA Vintage - Vintage Led Zeppelin Live Tee


How can one possibly climb the “Stairway to Heaven” or hitchhike the “Highway to Hell” without these unapologetically decadent booties? Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain - Embellished Booties

Rock it like a haute headliner with fresh gear from What’s New.

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