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Friday, November 28th 2008

one-stop fashion fix


Yesterday, between helpings of mashed potatoes and intense matches of Canasta with our family, elaborate drinks in hand created by our brother (a Bloody Mary garnished with a carved pearl onion flower was a standout), my sister and I snuck away from the madness that is Thanksgiving at my parents’ house to point out what we’ve had our eyes on at shopbop. (Issa’s Long Kimono Sleeve Dress, how I yearn for thee.) Times like these, when clicking on a dress leads to an addictive all-out browsing session that ends with an “Oh my god, how long have we been looking at this?”, I come to appreciate the ease of features like the Style File. A little dispatch from fashion land, it helpfully provides trend updates and spotlights great pieces from the site, not to mention styling tips on how to wear them.

The Holiday Style File is here, and focuses on glam holiday dresses and shoes—perfect for me because I’m envisioning a New Year’s Eve in Montreal—along with a peek inside the fashionable mind of Chloe Sevingny, whose eclectic style is conveniently broken down for us through her very own Wish List. It’s just the thing to make me even happier that I’m getting my fashion fix while avoiding Black Friday crowds.


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