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Friday, October 22nd 2010

Pray For Mother Nature: 3 Questions for Designer Chip Foster

Earlier this year, Chip Foster (one half of the duo behind Chip & Pepper) and his wife Nicole launched their new denim line Pray For Mother Nature, which has quickly become known for its sexy silhouettes, innovative washes, and super-soft lightweight denim. We talked to Chip about the origins of the line, its eco-friendly sensibility, and the inspiration it finds in Japanese culture, California landmarks, and nature itself.

Pictured: Pray For Mother Nature founders Chip and Nicole Foster.

Shopbop: What was the inspiration behind Pray For Mother Nature?
Chip Foster: The line originated out of an idea my wife Nicole and I had while in Japan. We so respected the culture and its appreciation for nature, and how at the same time it’s so hip and modern. We thought, “What if we applied a Japanese mindset to denim?” Obviously, being in the business for 23 years, no matter what, everything goes back to denim!

SB: Your line has an eco-friendly slant. What is the story behind its unique name, and what does it do to support environmental charities?
CF: Nicole and I were in a fish market in Japan with tuna hanging everywhere, and my beautiful wife, who is like Mother Earth herself, looked up at the tuna and said, “Ohh…we have to pray for Mother Nature.” I thought it was amazing and it inspired me. Once the line came together, we decided that part of our inspiration was about preserving nature and giving back. Our two little boys love the beach and the ocean, and it is a constant source of calm and inspiration for all of us, so we teamed up with Heal the Bay and now donate a portion of our proceeds to keeping our waters clean.

SB: Your designs have unique names–Jesse Spano’s Flare Jeans, Action Jackson Denim Leggings, and Who’s the Boss Cargo Jeans, to name a few. What inspired you to be creative with your product names?
CF: Nicole’s sister Katie is hilarious and has always helped us come up with amazing, goofy, memorable names (for Chip & Pepper as well), so she was a huge part of the naming process. (Apparently she is very into ’80s TV characters.) Then, as the line evolved, we realized we wanted to name the styles after our natural inspirations. Since the whole collection is designed and made in California, which is now almost unheard of for a denim brand, we decided to name the styles after California landmarks and our washes after California beaches and trees.

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