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Monday, September 9th 2013

Prepping for New York Fashion Week: Tess Giberson

Putting together a show for New York Fashion week is a monumental task. We got a sneak peek atjust how much work goes into the preparations when Designer Buyer Justin stopped by the Tess Giberson studio during her pre-show fittings. We were so blown away, we just had to learn more about her collection.

SHOPBOP: How would you describe this collection? What was the inspiration behind it?
TESS GIBERSON: The spring 2014 collection is called "Remix." It’s a blend of Bauhaus and ’60s fiber art inspiration, with a bit of mixed-up preppy interpretation from the ’70s.

SB: How did you style the models’ hair and makeup?
TG: Beautiful with a healthy glow. There’s a bit of a twist though—the feeling is cool girls who have been sailing, but have an edge.

SB: On the day of the show, before the first model hits the runway, what’s running through your mind?
TG: Relief and anticipation. It’s a strange mixture, but it’s the best way to describe the feeling.

SB: How do you decide on the ambiance for your show—set design, music, lighting?
TG: The set design is actually something I worked on myself. It’s a very large-scale wall hanging set in a wooden frame. It’s a project I've wanted to do for a long time, and it’s meant to blend craft inspiration with a clean graphic structure.

SB: What are some of your favorite pieces from this collection?
TG: The intarsia knitwear, the leather shorts, and all the remixed plaid prints!

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