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Monday, March 5th 2012

Prints Charming: Tucker Patterns Tell a Story

Tucker designer Gaby Basora didn’t study design in school (her degree is from Sarah Lawrence, not Parsons or FIT), but her experimental nature and interest in fashion made for an organic transition into the industry. Basora designed her first blouse in 2005, and after friends and strangers alike commented on the style, she launched her label. The silhouettes are classic, many revisited time and again, but they’re made new with Basora’s unique and playful prints. And it’s those prints that interest us the most. Each carries with it a charming tale, and we asked the designer to make us privy to the inspiration behind a few of our recent favorites.

Yellow Fire Fly (1)
“Inspired by a piece of a broken tile, this print is electric, just like the luminescent firefly. The fabric evokes the beauty of happening upon the intense brightness of a county fair in the middle of the woods. Bright lights, cotton candy.”

The Roulette Game (2)
“This print is inspired by South American aristocratic vaudeville performers and traveling bands. Roulette means “little wheel” in French, making me think of caravans, and to make the title even more perfect, roulette has always been looked upon as the aristocrat’s casino game.”

Milly’s Floating Feather (3)
“The inspiration was Slim Aarons’s work, or a particular type of well-kept-but-left-of-center kind of lady. Milly’s Floating Feather is named after a red wine-drinking, feisty Italian neighbor named Milly, who made a habit of the printed housedress. Ladies who live in the clouds always get to watch feathers floating by.”

Esther’s Ladder Print
“Look closely: there is a series of intricate designs, just like the work of M.C. Escher. The style we chose for the original sample reminded me of my friend Esther—it was too close not to have a little fun.”

Monday Market Leaves
“The best flea market in Amsterdam has always been on Monday morning. This print was inspired by a morning trip with a quiet mix of treasure finding, milky coffee drinking, and apple pie, all enjoyed outside watching the leaves twirling.”

Lost Collar Madness
“Doesn’t it look like someone dropped their collars everywhere? This print is filled with nomadic energy and a disdain for the buttoned-up life (though I love a collared shirt buttoned up to the top).”


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