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Monday, August 1st 2011

Rachel Zoe Twitter Party: The Highlights

After some technical difficulties, we moved our much-anticipated Rachel Zoe chat to Twitter, and the results were a fun conversation about the Rachel Zoe Collection (naturally), beauty faves, trends, and even a Coldplay shout-out. Here are some of our favorites from the chat:

@Comfortandjoy93 Where did you get the inspiration from for your new clothing line?
@RZRachelZoe From a lifelong obsession with fashion...too many influences to name. Tune into the Shopbop video for more.

@christopherb417 Who do you see wearing your collection?
@RZRachelZoe It's very versatile. I designed it to be worn by all women everywhere.

@sugarstoned What is your favorite in your latest collection?
@RZRachelZoe Too many to name but love the tuxedo, military suit and fur lock jacket.

@SheilaRomano1 What is the 1 must-have 4 Fall?
@RZRachelZoe I'm going to go with a white or black tuxedo!

@Enchantedf What kind of song describes you as a person?
@RZRachelZoe According to @rbermanus, it's Green Eyes by @Coldplay smile

@manuelacassuto How do you spend a day in heels without dying of pain?
@RZRachelZoe Fashion is pain. My advice is to wear a platform!

@l_williamss What is your advice for tall girls & heels?
@RZRachelZoe Please wear flats when you are around vertically challenged girls like me.

@naifabulous Did you ever wear something more than once?
@RZRachelZoe Once…

@jamieealexaa What is your favorite brand/color red lipstick for fall?
@RZRachelZoe @ExudeLipstick in scarlet red or plum!

@sugabugaGABS What made you want to study psychology and sociology?
@RZRachelZoe Love people and was interested in what makes them tick.

@RZRachelZoe Have to go be with Baby Skyler. Thank you so much for all of your glam questions—this was way fun!

@RZRachelZoe P.S. Mah-jor thanks to @Shopbop for all of the support. Make sure to shop my collection available now!

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