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Thursday, May 21st 2009

road trippin’ & packin’ light

This Memorial Day weekend, I will not spend my time on a boat somewhere off the Gulf (these are my brother’s plans). Instead, I’m hitting the road, destination Indianapolis. Luxurious, no? I’ll be getting in some quality time with my other brother and his family, possibly daring to dip a toe in their pool, or at the very least settling for an evening in the hot tub.

To add a little adventure to my trip, I’ve challenged myself to fit everything I’ll need for the weekend in my overnight bag. (I nabbed the Jerome Dreyfuss pictured above before it sold out.) Can it be done? Oh, it can, and it will.

The trick is to pack pieces that fold up small and can be accessorized to look fresh when I rewear them. A jersey dress in navy and a maxi skirt in black are definitely going in the bag, as well as a pair of boyfriend jeans. Add a couple Bop Basics burnout tees, a long-sleeve Splendid tee, an Alexander Wang tank, and a Vince cardigan, and I’m almost set. In the footwear department, flip-flops and flat sandals will let me chase my nephew in comfort, and I’ll fill a pouch with bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for a little mix-and-match variety. Throw in a maillot (one-piece swimsuits are a must when visiting the fam) and my little bag of beauty basics, and my weekender will be looking pretty plump. But it will all fit.

And if I feel the need for a little more excitement at the end of my stay, maybe I’ll detour past the world’s largest nose and glasses on my way home.


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