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Monday, April 8th 2013

Ruby Aldridge Talks Style, Music & More

Shopbop’s cover girl today is Ruby Aldridge, sister of Lily. She showed off her personal style in our Citizens of Humanity lookbook, working with our team of stylists to build looks with a certain cool-girl ease. While she was on set, we took a few minutes to talk style, music, and more.

SHOPBOP: How would you describe your style?
RUBY ALDRIDGE: My style changes a lot. Recently, I’ve been going back to how I dressed when I was 15, which is funny. I like mixing vintage pieces, like an old leather jacket or floral blouse with newer (cleaner) items. I love the way I’m styled when I work with Shopbop—they get it! I like accessories. If I’m wearing something very simple like jeans and a tee, if I have a cool belt and some necklaces I’m feeling alrighhhhht.

SB: What is your go to outfit?
RA: Black T-shirt, denim jacket, shorts or black jeans, and boots—not very exciting! I plan on discovering a new uniform soon!

SB: What were you like growing up?
RA: I was pretty friendly and out there—very curious! I like to pretend I was shy, but I don’t think I was.

SB: If you were a parent, how would you dress your child?
RA: I’d like to think I'd let them dress themselves. Go crazy, kiddos!

SB: What are the last three bands you listened to on your iPod?
RA: Toy Love, Ramones, and Devo.

SB: In an interview with Fashion TV, you said you want to create music one day. What genre would it be?
RA: Yacht rock.

SB: What would be your band name?

SB: Seriously, who would win in a fight: you or your sister Lily?
RA: Me! But, for the record, me and Lily—wait—Lily and I never fight.

SB: Do you have any style advice for our readers?
RA: Just wear what you like! Cheesy, I know, but people are always afraid of trying something new. They shouldn’t be—unless it’s extremely dangerous or criminal.

SB: What’s next for you?
RA: Who knows! Infinite possibilities, mis amigos…

Check out Ruby Aldridge in Citizens of Humanity.

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