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Thursday, November 13th 2008

seeking mid-season style inspiration?


It’s always around this time of year that I find myself losing inspiration and resorting to wearing variations on the same outfit every day. What does the equation consist of this time around? Blazer (or long cardigan) plus slouchy top/sweater plus long tank plus skinny pant (or legging) plus a boot of some sort. Almost every single day. It’s not that I don’t like this look, I do, but after living in it for the better part of three months, the thrill, as they say, is gone.

In my darkest (Literally. It’s dark by 5PM.) hour, I found style salvation in our new Winter Trends LookBook. Apparently this avowed minimalist needs some maximalism in her life, because the Russian-inspired shots were what I found myself most drawn to in this feature. What’s turned me off in the past is how anything with that Dr. Zhivago vibe can feel kind of heavy and, uh, epic, but the inspired styling made it feel modern and wearable. Right now I’m happily scoping out something shearling and a fancy dress to wear with thigh-highs and over-the-knee boots. (Flask of Stoli optional.)


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