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Friday, May 3rd 2013

She’s The Bop: Alexi Wasser

If you're looking at Alexi Wasser's picture and saying, "Wait, I know her!" it's because you do.

The California native appears on TV more often than Law & Order marathons, thanks to her fulltime gig as "That Girl From That Commercial." (She's currently starring in spots for Secret deoderant, York Peppermint Patties, and Sears.) But in L.A., Wasser's also known as an unlikely relationship guru, thanks to Boycrazy Radio, her online radio show that gets thousands of lovelorn hipsters calling and texting the actress for advice every week.

Is it easier to fall in love with a handbag than it is to deal with a boyfriend? I go back and forth, so I figured I'd better ask Alexi herself.

FARAN KRENTCIL: Hey Alexi, when did you know you wanted to be an actress?
ALEXI WASSER: Oh my goodness. I think at an early age. But also, I've always known that I'm happiest when I'm writing. So now, being a writer, blogger, actress, and having my podcast Boycrazy Radio (every Wednesday at 9pm PSTtune in!) it fills all voids and it's really fufilling. If I were just an actress, I'd feel so out of control—relying on everyone to make a decision about me, relying on a performance and what I look like. I feel so much more in control when I'm writing.

FK: How many times a day do people say, "Wait, aren't you the girl from that commercial?"
AW: Maybe a few times a day. The Peppermint Patty commercial is just one big close-up of my head, so that was very intense and people recognize me from that. It's funny.

FK: What have you learned about boys from your "Boycrazy" radio show? 
Hmm. Well, I've learned a lot about people in general. I've learned that people are really bad at communicating, and that usually the answer to any problem is right in front of you or inside of you. All you have to do is listen to the quiet voice at your core: your intuition.

FK: You played Mary-Kate Olsen's little sister in Factory Girl. What was the set like? What was it like working with her? 
She was really sweet with great style. We even got matching tattoos. Oh wait. That last part was a lie.

FK: You also played the only girl ever to be in a happy relationship on HBO's Girls. Are you coming back at all for Season 3?
AW: Not that i know of, but I would love that. Tweet to Lena Dunham and tell her to bring me back!

FK: Please describe your personal style in one sentence. This sentence must involve the word "fro-yo."  
AW: Ha! Lately, my style has been kinda "schoolgirl preppy..." This is already more than one sentence. S***!  Also, I love fro-yo. Specifically, Yogurtland fro-yo. Even more specifically, anything peanut butter flavored.


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