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Friday, July 26th 2013

She’s The Bop: Charli XCX

Charli XCX. Photo by Dan Curwin.

Do you know Charlotte Aitchison? No, but you probably know her alter ego, Charli XCX. The rising pop star is currently on tour, all over the radio, and plastered across various fashion inspiration boards. She's also a new face of Max Factor in London, and it's only a matter of time before American beauty brands catch up. (The real question: are there more Charli XCX fan pages on Tumblr or more remixes of "I Don't Care," her hit song with Icona Pop?)

It's hard being a rock n' roll style darling, but we still managed to snag the very busy Brit in between face time with screaming crowds.

FARAN KRENTCIL: Do you remember what you wore to your first concert?
CHARLI XCX: I don't remember the exact outfit, but it was probably something terrible. I started first going to gigs when I was in my Avril Lavigne phase, so I probably wore some trouser/skirt combo with lots of belts. I reckon I probably wore a tie too, and everything was probably from Claire's Accessories. Yeah, good times.

FK: Name the most random place you've ever heard one of your songs playing.
CX: I heard one of my songs being played in a pub toilet once. That was glamorous.

FK: Very. You're friends with another one of our style crushes, Marina Diamandis from Marina and the Diamonds. How did you first meet?
CX: We met at a few parties, but we properly started hanging out when we were on tour with Coldplay together.

FK: Do you ever steal clothes from each other?
CX: We have very different styles, so we tend not to swap clothes too much, [but] she did give me a cute crop top once.

FK: Your eye makeup is always epic, but how do you keep it on for an entire concert?! There must be a secret.
CX: Haha, I don't know! I apply everything quite heavy around my eyes. I love liquid liner. Usually, I'll use the Dior art pen. And then the trick is lots of mascara. I use Max Factor's Wild Mega mascara. It's so good.

FK: What movie or TV show do you watch constantly on your tour bus?
CX: I watch a lot of Daria on the road and also Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David is my dream man.

FK: Please describe your personal style in one sentence. This sentence must include the word "bubble."
CX: Ummmm, ok... School girl meets cherry cola bubble gum cheerleader grunge princess. Yeah, that.


Go see Charli XCX on tour.

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