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Thursday, May 16th 2013

She’s the Bop: Hayley Williams of Paramore

If you're trying to make it to Friday, desperately needing a wish right now... wish right now... wish right now... don't panic. Today's Bop Star is Hayley Williams, the rock princess of Paramore whose sparkle-bomb personality and Pixie Stix voice seems to lift everyone out of their weekday funks. Now on tour with her band to promote their new self-titled album, Hayley took a few minutes to talk about her personal style, her new collaboration with M.A.C, and old-school Nickelodeon shows. (Because anyone who can reference The Secret World of Alex Mack is worship-worthy in our book.)

FARAN KRENTCIL: You've been performing with Paramore for almost a decade. How has your personal style changed from your last album, Brand New Eyes, until now? 
Brand New Eyes was a pretty heavy time for me as a person. I was usually wearing a tee shirt and jeans and my overall style didn't really reflect a person who was trying new things and experimenting with her own self-expression. Where I'm at now is a far cry from those days. For the most part, I'm still a T-shirt and jeans girl, but I feel more colorful, I feel braver, and I like myself a bit more than I did back then. Even if I'm completely off-trend (and, usually, I am!), I would rather be true to myself than anyone else.

FK: How has your musical style changed from then?
HW: Ever since Taylor [York, Paramore's new guitarist] stepped in and started writing music for our band, I've found myself in a much freer place as a lyricist. His rhythms and tones are incredibly inspiring to me. My melodies are more fun to sing, and the words I write are more telling of my personality than ever. To put it simply, I really think it's more fun. That's the best way I know to describe it.

Hayley Williams and the members of Paramore. Photos provided by Paramore.

FK: Your hair is almost neon red. Does having a bright hair color preclude you from choosing certain colors in your clothes? 
HW: No. Should it?

FK: No! And speaking of bright colors, tell us about your M.A.C Cosmetics line! 
I am still in shock about this whole thing. Honestly, it feels so cool to have this collaboration out there. The whole process was exciting and made me think about makeup in a whole new way—as complete self-expression. The best part is seeing all the photos from fans and people who've bought the products. I know orange sounds like a tricky color to pull off, but the "Sounds Like Noise" lipstick looks gorgeous on everybody.

FK: What song best describes your personal style?
HW: Of our own? Probably "Be Alone." It may sound hard to believe, but when we're not traveling the world playing big rock shows, I am really just a nerd who loves her quiet time at home with a cup of tea and TeVo'd episodes of Dexter. If I had to pick another, it's "Anklebiters," which is a song about self-love and self-acceptance. We all need a lesson in that every now and then.

FK: What game show would you win and why? 
HW: I always, always wanted to win Nickelodeon's GUTS. I grew up in the '90s—what do you expect?! Break me off a piece of that Agrocrag!


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