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Friday, September 28th 2012

She’s the Bop: Jazzi McGilbert

Nylon editor and blogger, Jazzi McGilbert.

If you read magazines like NYLON and Teen Vogue, you've probably seen Jazzi McGilbert of JazziMcG.com.  

The LA fashion stylist partial to vintage dresses, Kelly Wearstler prints, and burnt plum lipstick has amazing style whether she's in front of or behind the camera. (Proof: She was hand-picked by Mary-Kate and Ashley to star in their OlsenBoye campaign.) I was lucky enough to work with JMG during my time @NylonMag, and much to my raging jealousy, she really does look that good every day. (Meanwhile, I sometimes arrived at the office in pajamas. Oookay, they were my mom's vintage Pierre Cardin pajamas, but still...)

So when Shopbop asked me to profile some of the most stylish girls I know, Jazzi was at the top of my list. Below, what's on her list, including a Marc by Marc jumpsuit that you should buy now, because it's going to sell out...

FARAN KRENTCIL: Before you became a professional stylist, you were a college student with a very successful blog. Why did you decide to start blogging?
JAZZI MCGILBERT: I was born into generation LiveJournal. It's just what we did: Document our angst online for no one or everyone to read, because we're all such special snowflakes (now equipped with pro-sumer cameras)! Actually, before I started blogging about my style, I was documenting my internships. There wasn't a lot of helpful information about breaking into the fashion industry online. I never had an "in" to the industry, and I wanted other girls to see an honest journey from outsider to kinda-sorta insider. I've worked my way from South Central LA to Vogue and now I'm an editor at NYLON (!), and it's been quite a journey. Why not share it with some visuals?

FK: When and how did you realize strangers/fans were reading your blog, and not just your friends? What was that like?
JM: Comments and emails, man. It's like thinking you're talking to yourself in a dark room, and suddenly someone talks back! Then those moments that I timidly introduced myself to some of favorite bloggers and writers, and they already knew who I was! That's trippy. I still try to blog like no one's watching and only blog when I really have something to say, though. My readers are really lovely and bear with me.

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