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Monday, April 1st 2013

She’s the Bop: Natacha Steven

Those familiar with Rachel Zoe's entourage of fabulous, funny friends have already met RZ acolytes like designer Brian Atwood and hairstylist Joey Maloof. The latest addition to the clique? Natacha Steven, a Paris native who's now The Zoe Report's European correspondent. But the blogger and photographer isn't just hopping between France, England, and Italy. She's also a new resident of New York City, and lives close to our Shopbop studio! Want more info? I did, too…

FARAN KRENTCIL: Do you dress differently in Paris than you do in New York? How?
NATACHA STEVEN: Yes I do! In New York, I feel more liberated. There is nothing “interdits”—that's French for "forbidden"—on what people could wear or should wear. I find it fascinating to see how people express themselves and show their own personality through their clothes. New York is clearly more casual. Being elegant and more dressed up in a "proper" way is considered a mark of respect in France. I guess this is why French women are known worldwide for their effortless, chic style.

FK: How did you first meet Rachel Zoe?
NS: I met her a little more than a year ago during at a New Year’s Eve party. Is there a better way to start the New Year than hanging out with her and her adorable husband, Roger? We did it again this year. It is now our ritual!

FK: Which celebrity would be your best friend?
NS: I guess Cameron Diaz. She seems to be smart, passionate, spontaneous, and so relaxed.

FK: You travel a lot. Do you dress up for the airport or go for comfort?
NS: How could I honestly recommend dressing up for a long flight?! I always go for comfort and warm clothes because planes are so freezing cold! My usual look is a pair of leggings, a James Perse T-shirt, and a leather jacket to be comfortable and avoid the PJ style. And, of course, the basic rule: wear flat shoes. I hate wearing heels at the airport because it's not comfortable, and because it makes you look like the girl who is trying too hard.

FK: Please describe your personal style in one sentence.
NS: Bohemian chic with a glimpse of rock. I feel the need to mix flowers or a romantic look with studs and leather!


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