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Tuesday, June 5th 2012

Shoes in the City: 3 Pairs to Wear in NYC

Shoes from top to bottom: Matt Bernson Jack Flat Sandals, Maison Martin Margiela High Heel Booties, Modern Vintage Roxy Sandals.

Urbanites tend to flee the concrete jungle in summer, but there are plenty of folks heading inland for their weekend getaways. A friend of mine has a jaunt to NYC on her summer agenda, and just the other day, she asked me what shoes to pack. Here’s what I told her:

In my opinion, a summer weekend in the city should be, above all, relaxing, and it’s tough to decompress when your feet are aching. A pair of flat sandals with a solid sole will make long walks and museum visits infinitely more enjoyable.
Favorites: Matt Bernson sandals, KORS Michael Kors sandals, Sam Edelman sandals.

City streets are, well, dirty, and at some point in the weekend, your feet are going to need a break from the urban elements. Cover them up with an easy bootie. A low heel offers a hint of lift, and booties-plus-dress is a cool summer-in-the-city equation.
Favorites: Maison Martin Margiela booties, Marc by Marc Jacobs booties, Rag & Bone booties.

Now, even with all this talk about comfort, a visit to NYC really can’t be relegated to low ground. Pack a statement heel that’ll let you make it at least a handful of blocks before regretting your footwear choice. Something in a wedge or with a thicker heel will offer stabilized support without sacrificing that sexy city elevation.
Favorites: Modern Vintage sandals, Elizabeth and James shoes, L.A.M.B. wedges.


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