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Monday, December 29th 2008

shop for your staycation


Though this is normally the time of year when I’d be packing bikinis and printing boarding passes, for various reasons I’ve decided to embrace what’s become known as the staycation and be a tourist in my own city.

Among its many benefits the staycation offers comfortable lodging, a familiar, EZ-to-navigate cityscape, and convenient transportation options, as well as a range of affordable dining choices and delightful “travel” companions.

But the best part? Since I’m saving so much on airfare, accommodations, and meals out, it’s also the ideal excuse to splurge on a few street-chic styles. (Just because I’m haunting my usual stomping grounds doesn’t mean I have to wear the same thing I do every other day/night—I’m on staycation after all.) I've been perusing the looks in the city section of the Getaways Feature for inspiration/possible candidates. Mulberry's Roxanne Tote is a serious contender.

Having a staycation of your own this year? Here’s a tip: add up everything you would’ve spent on a plane ticket, hotel, and evenings out. That dress/bag/coat you’ve been eyeing is practically free in comparison!


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